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From food coaching to cooking classes, The Aloha Kitchen Goddess provides tips, strategies, and resources to fall back in love with cooking and prioritize your health and happiness through a healthy relationship with your food.


Cooking Classes

Learn to shop, plan, prep and cook custom-designed meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Food Coaching

Heal your relationship with food and reclaim your health, happiness, and productivity with Fortuna's Food Coaching programs. 

Kids in the Kitchen

Children learn new skills, gain confidence, have fun in the kitchen, and best of all, get to eat their yummy creations!

Self Care Secrets for the Modern Goddess

I want you to make yourself a priority because…

You. Are. Worth. It.


Here’s what you can expect from my 6 week course:

  • Practical Self Care applications that you can implement right away

  • Group support as you learn your unique method of Self Care

  • Fun, easy ways to incorporate Self Care into your day

  • Learning that saying “yes” to your needs first will create a deeper quality of life

  • Find out what time of day is your Peak Productivity time and learn to use that to take better care of you

  • Learn the best solutions for relieving stress

  • Quick easy to put together meals for those extra busy days

...and so much more!

Enrollment is OPEN until February 9, 2020!


The Aloha Kitchen Goddess

Fortuna The Aloha Kitchen Goddess has loved being in the kitchen since childhood. The aromas, the visuals, the sounds of a dish coming together are what fuel her creative process. Cooking is truly alchemy in its most delicious form: turning raw ingredients into something more precious and delightful than the original. Fortuna's true passion lies in preparing delicious food that is both comforting to the soul and nourishing for the body.


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