The Aloha
Kitchen Goddess

Fortuna The Aloha Kitchen Goddess has loved being in the kitchen since childhood. The aromas, the visuals, the sounds of a dish coming together - these are what fuel her creative process and passion for self-care through food.


I worked as a personal chef for over 20 years in Honolulu, Hawaii. As I cooked for families, I discovered a deeper need for people of all ages: True empowerment in the kitchen and in their lives. 

How we feed ourselves, especially as women, says so much about how we are nourishing (or NOT nourishing) our body, mind and spirit. When we understand that healthy eating is self-care and that self-care is really self-discovery, we transform our lives from the inside out. 

My own challenges with prioritizing my self-care, especially through a few emotional years of big life changes, led me to develop powerful routines and rituals for clarity, healing, and confidence. These tools have become the foundation of my coaching and the cooking classes that I do with women who are ready to nourish themselves through eating well and putting themselves first on the list. 

I believe that joy and play are integral parts of learning. My coaching, classes, and online programs combine practical strategies, Goddess sisterhood, and FUN! You are a Goddess and you deserve to be nourished inside and out. Let’s play! 

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