Staying Tidy in the Kitchen

blog Jun 06, 2019

After watching one episode of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, I understand why the country is obsessed with her. First of all, she’s adorable. She bubbles with joy and there is not an ounce of judgy-ness in her approach. I am smitten.

I realized that I follow a lot of the principles she teaches, especially in the kitchen. Being organized in the room I spend the most time in is essential. Equally as important, is holding my kitchen utensils in high regard. Each piece that I use sparks joy. Really! I recently purchased a new food processor because my old one had stopped working. The new one is bright red and I have named her “Ruby.” I love taking her off the shelf and using her for big projects. When I am finished, I gently wash her and put her away.

What is your favorite kitchen tool?

All of my utensils and small appliances help me cook in a way that feels effortless. There’s not one spoon or spatula that I don’t enjoy using. That feeling of enjoyment...

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blog Jan 07, 2019

Hey all! In May last year, a friend of mine had a cookbook published. An amazing cookbook. The kind of cookbook that I dreamed that I, too, might publish. It was gorgeous and full of thoughtful, delicious comforting, and healthy recipes.

That’s when it hit me. I needed to take a step back and pause. It was time to reassess some goals and ideas I’ve had for a very long time. Did I really want to publish a cookbook? Did I really want to be a famous food blogger? What do I want to do? And how do I want to accomplish it?

These were some of the tough-love questions that I posed to myself. Not comfortable, but truly necessary. The answers would shape my future.

The deepest truth for me is this: I do not want to be a famous food blogger. My true desire is to help empower people in the kitchen. I want to help people to find joy in the cooking process and enrich their quality of life.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the goals and ideas we’ve had for a...

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