blog Jan 07, 2019

Hey all! In May last year, a friend of mine had a cookbook published. An amazing cookbook. The kind of cookbook that I dreamed that I, too, might publish. It was gorgeous and full of thoughtful, delicious comforting, and healthy recipes.

That’s when it hit me. I needed to take a step back and pause. It was time to reassess some goals and ideas I’ve had for a very long time. Did I really want to publish a cookbook? Did I really want to be a famous food blogger? What do I want to do? And how do I want to accomplish it?

These were some of the tough-love questions that I posed to myself. Not comfortable, but truly necessary. The answers would shape my future.

The deepest truth for me is this: I do not want to be a famous food blogger. My true desire is to help empower people in the kitchen. I want to help people to find joy in the cooking process and enrich their quality of life.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of the goals and ideas we’ve had for a long time. But doing so is the only way that we can step fully into who we are meant to be now. Nature abhors a vacuum. When you release dreams that no longer “spark joy” (as our friend Marie Kondo would say) you clear the path for true happiness and fulfilment.

I love what I do with all of my being. I am grateful for this kind of passion for my profession and proud of my willingness to shift as I am called to shift. I love that I can make the rules and change the rules as I evolve in my life and in my work (pssst…you can too).

Stay tuned for tips and treasures in making your cooking experience easier and flowing. And remember to periodically #konmari your own goals to make sure you’re not hanging on to anything that no longer sparks joy for you.


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